The robotics

It seems like, although we saw this coming long time ago, we entered a new era in terms of robotics and food, and robotics and health. As I said we saw this coming and fantasised about it a lot. When so close and actually happening it’s getting quite scary. Will robots take over our lives? In 2016 an article in de Volkskrant suggested that robotics aren’t very popular in companies in the Netherlands. Only 2% of the companies have introduced robots in their production. That will probably change in the near future.  What will it be like living with robots? Well here are tree signals where you can already experience that:

You can have a taste of living in a world with robots literally in a restaurant called Food Ink in London. Where all the food they sell is 3D printed. How cool but weird is that? I am really curious finding out what that food taste like. The idea of eating something that came out of a printer to me is a crazy idea.

Beside that absolutely crazy cool restaurant in London there has also been a video going viral on Facebook about a robot who could cook 2000 meals in a day. So if you would buy one of this robots you could fire all of your kitchen staff minus one chef. Which saves you a lot of money. The robot copies the movement of the chef and like that makes the same dish as the actual cook does.

Beside having new gadgets in the kitchen engineers of the University of California in San Diego have developed a new gadget which helps you control your alcohol use by alarming you on your phone how much alcohol is in your blood. The device is a small temporary tattoo with a chip in it which is checking trough your sweat the amount of alcohol you consumed. This could help young people control themselves and preventing ending up in the hospital. Last year (2015) 19% more young adults ended up in the hospital then the year before that because of alcohol use.


Where and how do we balance what get’s taken over by robots and what stays human? How do we make sure there is still enough jobs left for the humans in this world? And do we really need enough jobs for people?  I think we saw the goods and the bad’s from the industrial revolution in the past. And this is another industrial revolution. A lot of people lost their job and were forced to work in dirty factories with toxic machines on a very low salary. Beside that we now see the effects of global warming which started around the time when the revolution started. Never the less we are now more then ever reliable on these machines and robots. Obviously robots and machines came a long way and there are a strong set of rules needed to be followed by factories. So we found balance in the mechanical industry and we’ll maintain and upgrade it. But weather it’s good for the job opportunities I don’t know.


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