5 Signals found on Facebook

  • Spector – By Fiona O’Leary. A little machine which recognizes fonts on paper, then transfers the font directly to InDesign. It’s a Shazam for fonts. See the video here:

Spector by Fiona O’Leary

  •  Kite Patch – By Kite. It’s a small patch which you place on your clothing and due to the smell it produces mosquitos will stay away. Watch a short video about it here:

Kite mosquito patch

  • Present perfect – A nursing home and a preschool in one, to overcome loneliness. The small children will learn a lot from the elderly and the elderly have someone to socialize with. Watch the video here:

Present perfect

  • IBand+ – By Arenar. A headband that puts you in a lucid dreaming state, which makes you remember most to all of your dreams. Beside that with the help of speakers you lay on your pillow it helps you fall a sleep faster and let’s you wake up naturally. Watch the video on kickstarter here:

IBand+ By Arenar

  • Charities are recycling left over festival tents. The are giving them to people who needs them like refugees and homeless people. Watch the video:

Giving tents to the homeless






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