5 new travel innovations and ideas

My Little Train – Designed by a French company called My Little Train Valise – You now can carry all of your big bags at once, just by connecting them to each other. Click on the link above to see the video!

Airplane safety system – Concept by Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich – This concept could save many lives during airplane malfunctions see the video here: Aircraft with a capsule

Control a plane with your brain – Designed and engineerd by Honeywell Aerospace – You can fly the plane by wearing a specially designed helmet with inside 32 electrodes. They plane already made some test ‘rides’.

GEAREYE – Designed by the GEAREYE team – Place a sticker on all of your electric belongings and you will never lose it again. Through the app you can locate all of your belongings and it will tell you if you forgot anything. Currently still a kickstarter project: Kickstarter GEAREYE

City VR – Developed by Amber Garage – This VR app will make you feel like a giant walking through the city, a new way to explore cities. Right now you can only ‘walk’ in the city of San Fransisco but soon to follow are New York and Chicago Amber Garage site


Pattern by Kate Pugsley


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