4 New Innovations for Mother Earth

The Capsula Mundi project – created by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel – “biodegradable burial capsule that will turn the deceased’s body into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of their remains, making the idea of death, perhaps for some, at least a little more comforting” Earthables.com check the site here

Mestic -Designed by Jalila Essaidi – Clothing made out of fertiliser, the overdose in the ground of fertiliser is causing problems in the Netherlands since the sixties and turning it into clothing might be the best solution – for more info check here

Reduce, Reuse, Grow – Designed by Planttrash.com – Cups made so when they are thrown out they grow into a tree. check the video

BIOVESSEL – Developed by Bionicraft – An ecosystem powered by food waste, whilst cutting your vegitables you trow the remaining pieces into the BioVessel and it will grow you a plant. watch for more info on this kickstarter page


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