5 Innovations in the Appearance Industry

Heels from Mime et Moi – You can adjust the shoe to every occasion, simply by changing the shoe from flats to heels. You can click the heels on and off changing your shoe and it’s purpose within seconds. Find more info about the shoes here

Sharkbanz bracelet – By using special magnetic technology that disrupts a shark’s electro-receptors making surfing and swimming in shark territory a lot saver. Learn more about the company and bracelet here

Kermit Tesoro crazy shoes – These shoes got the attention by there crazy designs. They are litteraly little works of art. Watch the images here

HiMirror – A mirror that tells you what’s wrong with your face. The mirror has a camera in it used to measure how healthy your skin is. It gives you tips and tricks on how to improve your skin health and takes pictures of you everyday to show you how your skin has improved. For more info check here

The EMPWR coat – Made by the Empowerment Plan in Detroit the coat doubles as a sleeping bag for the homeless. During the day you can wear the coat and at night transform it to a sleeping bag. May it be to warm to wear the coat you can fold it to a shoulder bag. The Empowerment Plan want’s to help homeless people as good as they can and are even hiring the homeless. Check more info here

Pattern by Tracie Cheng


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