Appearance Experience – Anonymous

In the world of digitalization our privacy becomes more and more an issue. How much info is out there about you without you knowing or with the assumption from your side that it’s safe and private? This is what we want to show people with our experience “Anonymous”.

We are going to investigate as much we can find about each other on the world wide web. During the event we are masked and nobody knows who we are, visiters then have to guess trough questioning and watching the info about us online which one is who.

The message we want to give is that although you think the info you’re posting online is safe it doesn’t have to necessarily be that private as you think it is. You have to be carefull with what you’re posting on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because there could be someone watching you.

Appearance experience is on the 26th of January

Tickets are €3,00 a piece


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