Food packaging

Food is everywhere. It seems like lately, everything you do revolves around food. Shopping with friends with a nice lunch, going out ends with a snack, going to the movies with popcorn and so on. So it isn’t weird that the design world is picking up that trend and changes the whole eating experience.

Edible food packaging – Designed by the American Chemical Society.
As an answer to the damage to the earth with our plastic use the American Chemical Society wanted to develop a biodegradable package. The packaging dissolves in hot water and doesn’t leave any residue, or you could eat it. This could solve our plastic problem and it’s better for mother earth. The packaging could still use some improvements but scientists are working hard on them.

“The coatings applications for this product are endless,” says Laetitia Bonnaillie, Ph.D., co-leader of the study. “We are currently testing applications such as single-serve, edible food wrappers. For instance, individually wrapped cheese sticks use a large proportion of plastic — we would like to fix that.”


Food in jars – Restaurant Ancolie in New York City 
It may look strange when your food arrives in a glass jar but the owner of Ancolie swears by it. Chloe Vichot, the founder, says the regular plastic and paper packaging only lasts for about 2 minutes before that you throw it out. But a glass jar keeps your food clean, there are no chemicals that come in your food and you can reuse it every time.  After you’ve finished your salad in a jar you can return it to the restaurant with a 1 dollar credit.


The Goûte spoon – Designed by studio Michel/Fabian
After years of studying how tableware can affect people’s perception of food, the design duo came with the Goûte spoon. Fabian claims that food will taste better with this spoon ’cause it’s close to the experience of licking food of your own fingers. The spoon has the shape of a finger and is made for eating thick, creamy foods, similar to a honey dipper.goute-spoon-michel-fabian-design-products-kitchenware-cutlery_dezeen_2364_col_5.jpg

A lot of designers and earth lovers are working on new packaging. It’s one of the most damaging things to the earth we have and it could be different.  In the next year or years, we are probably going to see more and more of these new ideas.


Edible food packaging text and photo found on, Designed by the American Chemical Society

Food in jars – Restaurant Ancolie in New York City, photo found on information found on

The Goûte spoon – Designed by studio Michel/Fabian, photo and info found on photo taken by Joe Sarah


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