Play Me A Record


Retro is a word we have heard a lot and in the interior design world it has been and is still really big, so it’s no surprise that the technology in your house is slowly going retro as well. Everybody who grew up before the 90’s probably had a record player in their bedroom or living room. Now their back smarter, faster and smaller. The so-called hipsters already had them for a good year but now they’re going mainstream. Countless companies have redesigned the record player and other retro items trough out the years and these are just a few really beautiful ones. Digitalization has brought us many good things but also made us miss the good old times and these designs bring those times back with the ease and technology we have today.

Designed by Miniot, the wheel is nothing more than a wooden plate where the record is being played on. There is no big speaker on top of it, all the parts including the speaker are inside the wooden plate. This minimalistic design is a perfect example of retro in a modern way. Currently still a kickstarter project, but you can pre-order the Wheel for €472,-


Designed by Pink Donut this record player takes a different way then the Wheel. Instead of buying a whole record player why don’t you just buy the RokBlok a small simple made out of wood block, which you put on the record and the block spins instead of the record. So just put the record on the table and place RokBlok on your record and press play. This also makes it possible to travel with your records. Also still a Kickstarter project it’s for
pre-sale for less then €100,-



Love Turntable
Designed by Yves Behar, this record player looks a lot like the Rokblok the difference is that Love is can be controlled by a smartphone to play records, skip and repeat tracks, alter the volume, and even select different RPM speeds. But just as the Rokblok it’s easy to travel with as it’s light waited and small. You can pre-order the Love at Kickstarter and it will cost you around €300,-.



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