55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The United Nations website suggests that at the end of 2050 that number will rise to 66 percent, but there’s no space

Major issues are rising. Whilst so many people are finding their lives in urban areas the question arises: “Where are they going to live?”.

Architecture is obviously the solution to the big problem. We used to build sideways now the answer is upwards. Skyscrapers will rise to the sky and change the whole skyline of the city. But how are we going to provide ourselves and our kids with the things we need? Things like clean air, food and transport.

In a scientific report, written by O Rahaei, S Derakhshan, N Shirgirthere is explained how we need to look at architecture in the 21st century.
“At the beginning of the 21st century, the term of “sustainable architecture” became the focus of many architectural debates. To approach sustainability, it is important to postpone the “end of life” of buildings. In this regard, the structures of buildings play a significant role and the term of “sustainable structure” is therefore introduced.”

Many companies are already thinking of solutions on how to solve some of the big problems we are going to face in 2050.

Bowery indoor farming solution
If 66 percent of the world population live in cities, how are we going to get the right amount of food and vitamins? The answer might be indoor farming. In a warehouse, near New York, Bowery started an indoor farm which grows a 100 times more food than outdoor farms. It also uses 95 percent less water and uses no pesticides or agrochemicals. Meaning it’s healthier, better for nature and can provide fresh food for people in urban areas.

Beside the need of food, we also have a problem with exhaust fumes. Even though a lot of car companies are making electric cars there’s still a lot of not electric cars and other vehicles which are causing problems for our health and nature. The answer:

Vertical Forest – Bosco Verticale
Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in Milan, Italy, the vertical forest was designed for saving our cities from pollution and making sure there is enough biodiversity in our cities because the building has a lot of trees and other plants on it, it also makes oxygen. The project ran between 2009 to 2014 and is located in Milan, Italy. The Bosco Verticale is not only a vertical forest but it also holds several very expensive apartments.


These signals above are all for in existing cities but what if we in the future will move out of this planet onto the next?

NASA Inflatable Greenhouse
One of the biggest problems there is when sending people into space is that they don’t have any fresh food. So if in the future we want to send more and more people to Mars or the Moon we need solutions for that. NASA has recently designed a greenhouse that can go to Mars. Inside the greenhouse, the environment of earth is simulated in order to grow vegetables on other planets. There are still a couple of problems to face before the greenhouse can actually go to space but it’s well on it’s way.


I think the future of our cities will nothing like we know it now. Technology will be all around us and we have all sort of solutions to the problems who begin to rise right now. I think by using all the machinery we are using now we definitely need the vertical forests in order to get some fresh and healthy air. Sometimes I’m hoping for some sort of natural disaster so we finally get a wake-up call and start changing the way we treat this earth, our earth! In the meanwhile, I hope that a lot of smart and great designer will keep designing solutions for all kinds of problems and that lawmakers change the laws in order to save the planet.

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NASA Inflatable greenhouse

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Featured Photo
Bowery Indoor Farm – Photos in Courtesy of Bowery, found on
Bosco Verticale – Photos in Courtesy of Stefano Bouri Architectti –
NASA inflatable greenhouse – photo was taken by NASA – found on


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